The Crown
An ancient device discovered by Megan's grandfather.

The key jewels found by Megan's great grandfather were hidden for many years.

When the key jewles are placed within the crown they give the wearer of the crown device amazing powers.
Ember Reign is an original novel series

Bryon Smith

Ember Reign is a novel series about a girl who sets out to solve the mystery of her grandfather's death.  He and his father were part time archeologists who discovered certain mysterious devices in their travels and brought them home.  Megan and her friend find these devices while trying to solve the mystery as well as save grandmother's farm.

More mysterious than the artifacts are their creators, ascended beings having God like powers.  They have watched over humanity  for countless ages and were known by several names.  The girls call them "The Great Old Ones."

Their craft is alive, larger than a football stadium outside and many times larger inside.  Filled with living specimens in suspended animation, Orion is a kind of Ark.

The girls take command of Orion and discover they are the main thing standing between humanity and a full scale alien/demon invasion.

"Heaven sent us an angel, she could be your neighbor."  The name of the city and farm where Megan and her friends live is not mentioned in any of the novels for a reason.  That reason being that angels live among us and they might be anyone, even your neighbor. ;-)  So be good to people because you never know one of them might be an angel.

Each more intense than the previous revealing more of the mystery.
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Posted by Bryon Smith on Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Her name is Megan Martin.
Her name is Megan Martin.
Heaven sent us an angel.
She could be your neighbor.
Her friends call her Megan.
But when her eyes are glowing
everyone calls her...
Ember Reign
Megan had no idea what would happen the first time she used the silver jewel, now she's half human, half angel and totally awesome!  The problem is saving humanity wasn't on her "to do" list.  All she wants now is to get her life back.
Graphics By:  Dave Burdick and Creative Consultant Victoria Monroe.
Is a Delta Class Lightship.
Living multidimensional transport of the Great Elders, ascended beings who have watched over humanity for countless ages.
She's half human half angel
and totally awesome!
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