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I have no idea if I'll have any more book signings.  My heath has a lot to do with it and the last book signing I did turned out to be a bad ordeal.  The book store we've had signings at several times in the past isn't really a book store anymore and it changed hands.  The people running it aren't book friendly people and leave NO room for even a small table to place books on.  People who come there now aren't looking for books.  We sold one set of books to a man who said any time he can he likes to buy autographed books from the author's, so he did.

The only way that would happen is if a bookstore really wanted me and would support me.  This website and my wife and I handing out business cards and flyers to people are the only advertising we get for these novels.

I have converted the short story Kim of New Eden to screenplay format.  I wish I had some producer or agent in LA who would pick me up and give me some help to produce it as a TV show.

I'm in the home stretch with Ember Reign book 4 and would really like to finish that one this year.  It will be epic!

Health Update 2-10-2020

People who keep up with my heath situation are aware I'm in cancer treatment trials at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.  They have managed to stop the cancer from growing for about 6 months then it started growing again.  I was there one yet taking treatments and about all they did was damage my thyroid permanently and it keeps getting worse.  They said that was an expected outcome but what they didn't make clear to me was the damage was not only permanent but progressive.

Coming home, ending up in the ER at a local hospital, they did CT scan and two doctors told me I had a short amount of time, like 6 months to live.  That was last Dec.  I began taking Fenbedazole / Panacur-C as Joe Tippins did when MD Anderson failed him.  It got rid of his cancer in 4 months.  It seemed to have stopped mine from growing in the first month.  My throat cleared up in the next month, I can talk again.  The tumors on my side and back are some smaller especially ones on my back.  I can't tell what progress if any we are making inside without another  CT scan.  So I wait.

I'm seriously fatigued and trying to maintain about 130 lbs but have fallen to 125 twice now after having fluid drained from my abdomen.  That has to be done every 5 weeks or so or I get so I can't eat and I get real sick.  Not sure how much time I have left but then again who knows.

Ember Reign novel 4 is being written!

Ember Reign "The Crown" (ER1),  Project Fallen Angel (ER2), and (ER3) "Be The Angel," are now on Amazon.com Kindle downloadable books for $4.99! :-)

Kindle select subscribers can get these downloads for free!

We have been overcoming obstacles as we can and we are making progress.

Ember Reign 3 is the most exciting of the series so far.  It answers secrets made known in the first two novels and presents the first full blown space battle between Ember's group and the dark lords of the universe.

Publish America
AKA American Star Books

Publish America's CEO has been in one lawsuit after another and finally they changed the name to America Star Books.  Same old outfit, same ol sociopath CEO, new name.  They still refuse to lower the price of our first Megan Martin book from $26.  All of our pleading and reasoning has not changed their minds at all.  They would rather make nothing at all than admit they've been wrong all these years.  They blame it on the book itself.  They do this to all their authors.  No one can read it so how would anyone know if they liked it.  I thought all we had to do is wait another year and they would have to give us our rights back according to the contract.

That didn't happen because they changed something on their site so I couldn't log in and see what my settings were and change them.  The time came for me to get my rights back and they sent me an auto renew notice telling me my contract had been RENEWED!  I wrote them telling them I didn't want that at all and they said there was nothing they could do about it.  I told them I can't get into my site to see or change anything.  They didn't care I figured they fixed it like that on purpose so I couldn't change it myself.  I told them turn off the auto renew I will not do business with them.  So they said OK.

I talked with one of my lawyers over it and they said since they locked me out and did an auto renew without my consent or ability to turn it off we could take them to court and sew them not just for underhanded dealings but for damages to my writing business.  Since they priced my novels more thean twice as high as they should be no one will buy them and neither will I.  Which means it would cost them more than it's worth to fight about it.

They offer "special" deals every day trying to get their authors to pay for something they won't ever get.  It's all a scam business.  This is what the lawsuits are about.

The moment our contract is done with them the first Megan Martin novel will be published through Amulet Publishing just like the Ember Reign novels are now only the price will be dramatically reduced.

Thank you.

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Karen, Might Have Been the Last of Her

Karen, an orphaned girl, is above average, intelligent teen who's trusted friends betrayed her then made fun of her on public media.  It's a dark and stormy night when she thinks she no longer as any reason to live.  She drives out onto a big bridge and decides to end it all.  She doesn't realize her luck is about to change because a passing angel sees her and decides to investigate.  The angel as you might guess is Ember.
Kim of New Eden

Recently converted to screnplay format, is a short story based on characters that come into the Ember Reign series in novel 3.  Kim (15) is a computer programer who loves robots but is constantly being given jobs that are so far below her intelligence it boars her to sleep.  She's been fired from 2 jobs in two weeks and if she loses another it goes on her record.

Rose (17) is highly intelligent boarding on genius.  Because of her elevated mental abilities she was selected for an exclusive school for Companions.  These students learn advanced skills and when they graduate high school they are all certified EMTs.  These are the police force, first responders and move on to the best jobs on the mother ship, including doctors and much more.

Kim and Rose are neighbors and the two of them are the biggest news on the mother ship.  Rose is something of an instigator, she gets board as well and comes up with pranks that often get the two in trouble.  The two of them are labeled "The trouble twins of New Eden."  Everyone on the ship knows who they are.  One thing they didn't do on purpose was blow up the science lab by testing a black powder rocket engine without supervision.  It nearly killed them both.  Now they are up for sentencing and waiting the orders to come to court and defend themselves.