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The last book signing in Branson was such a dismal ordeal I wish I hadn't gone.  It was cold, raining, the people weren't friendly overall, only a few were, but most weren't.  They were as cold and nasty as the weather.  The "book and gift store" isn't like it was the times before, it is under new ownership and only one person who we remember working there was still there.  I guess she was also the only one who noticed how things were going for me and apologized to me for the lack of business as well as the inhospitable atmosphere we had to deal with while there.

T.Charlston needs to remove the word "books" after their title because it is anything but a book store now.

At this point and with my health as bad as it is thanks to cancer, chemo and losing half my right lung I have no intentions of doing any more book signings anywhere near here anytime soon.  We are scheduled to spend a week in or near Estes Park, CO and I always take books with us when we travel.  At the moment I'm undecided and not advertising a book signing while there.

We will be in Branson, MO for a week again this Thanksgiving but intend to spend that time with friends and family.

This is where the news and book signing events will be posted.

Next book signing will be at T. Charlston Books in the Grand Village Shopping Village in Branson, MO.
Will be on 11-27-2015.

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The Friday after Thanksgiving we will be doing a book signing at the T. Charlston's books in the Grand Village Shops in Branson, MO. I'll have more info as soon as I can.

T. Charleston's Books & Gifts
2800 W Hwy 76
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 334-7931

Hours: 9:30am-6:00pm. Extended holiday hours. Closed Sun-Tues in January and Mon-Tues in February.

Last book signing was certainly different but we had a good time and sold a few books.  We had people drive in and knock on our door at 8:30pm to buy a set of Ember Reign novels!  :-)  I'm always happen to supply my books to my fans even if they miss the book signing event.  We understand that some people must work and can't always get there during the event.  Don't give up, if you know my number, what cabin I'm in, have friended me on FB send me a message or call, or just knock on my door and I'll fix you up.

The next book signing event will likely be in the fall at T. Charlston Books in the Grand Village Shopping Center In Branson, MO.  Check back here for dates and times.


Book Signing
Dates July - 17th and 18th
North Texas Jellystone Park, Burleson, TX (817) 426-5037
Small Pavilion
From 2:00 PM to 4pm
Friday & Saturday

Yes finally after a few years the Megan Martin / Ember Reign team will be together doing a book signing in Texas!
Author Bryon Smith
Creative advisor Laura (Smith) Lavvorn AKA Megan Martin
Kristy Smith AKA Brianna the nosey neighbor girl.

Come see us at the big water park, North Texas, Jellystone Park!


All Ember Reign novels are now in print

These novels are available to any bookstore or library who wishes to have them.

For the most recent updated information on this author and these novels join us on the public forum on Face Book.

There's more information on the EmberReign.net website including previews of the novels.

The first three Ember Reign novels are on Amazon.com Kindle downloadable books.  You don't have to have a Kindle to read them on any computer, just a free downloadable app.  The books are $4.99 - each take seconds to download.

If you are a Kindle select subscriber these downloads are FREE!

Book one "The Crown" introduces Megan Martin and her friends along with a few mysteries.  She had a huge falling out with her grandmother after her grandpa Fred died.  She moved back to the city and had nothing to do with grandma until now.  This brings Megan and her BFF May to help grandma save the farm.  This is what sets them on the path to solve the mysteries including the murder of a neighbor farmer.  Several enemy characters are introduced and danger reveals itself.

While the two are trying to find a way to save the farm they find a curious crown like alien object that's ancient in origin but still works.  This device gives the user amazing powers but comes with a catch.  It only works on one who is worthy.  It opens doorways into new amazing adventures revealing mysteries that predate known history.

Book two "Project Fallen Angel" introduces new friends, a Russian spy, a movie star with a hidden past and secret life as well as a mystery man who has his own spaceship. 

Their quest for answers takes them to a very haunted mansion.  At first it seems like the fun thing to do but we soon find out there's nothing fun about it.  The mansion really is haunted and the reason for that leads them to a secret the government tried to bury in 1952.  The person the mansion belongs to is no friend of Megan's.  There's comedy and mayhem afoot because Brianna "the nosy neighbor girl" is the one who talked them into going in the first place.  Brianna doesn't know Megan's secret but before you reach the end she will.

Megan struggles with the fact she's half human and half angel and often the two don't agree.  The angel, Ember, is mission driven without emotions.  The girl, Megan, is mostly emotions and all she wants is her life back.

Remember the little girl Megan saved in the first novel?  Her name is Chloe and she comes to visit her horse on the Martin farm where Megan works.  She's told everyone how an angel saved her and her family and the story has spread for miles among church goers everywhere.  There's something about Megan that is very familiar.  Will Chloe figure it out?

With all the things that are going on they learn there are more mysteries on the farm - some that her great grandpa put there and someone else wants them.

Someone else wants the scoop too and her name is Victoria Monroe.  She's a feisty news reporter out to get the story one way or another.  Find out what happens!

Book 3 "Be The Angel" The answers are finally coming to previous mysteries and the action intensifies.  Rena, who we met in book 2, often vanishes for days or weeks at a time without any way to find or communicate with her.  A mysterious message comes to Brianna telling her to pick up a "friend" at a certain farm where she meets a young lady about her own age with a strange way of viewing just about everything.  This friend shows her where Rena has been hiding, where she discovers her escapades have made her famous.

The people who live here are unconventional and unhindered by what Earth societies relate to as being normal.  There's a plot to take control of Earth.  There's a massive space battle ship heading our way and someone must stop it or it's the end of freedom as we know it, maybe the end of humanity.

At the end of this novel there's a surprise visit from some of the most mysterious beings in the Cosmos and they decide to change a key element in the seires.

Book 4 as yet unnamed is right at the halfway mark in writing.  Then comes the editing and reediting by the author and then finally the editor gets a shot at it.

This book takes Megan and her friends to other solar systems to rescue allies and make new friends.  More mysteries introduced in previous novels will be answered in this one as the plot expands.


Ember Reign novel 4 is being written!

Ember Reign "The Crown" (ER1),  Project Fallen Angel (ER2), and (ER3) "Be The Angel," are now on Amazon.com Kindle downloadable books for $4.99! :-)

Kindle select subscribers can get these downloads for free!

We have been overcoming obstacles as we can and we are making progress.

Ember Reign 3 is the most exciting of the series so far.  It answers secrets made known in the first two novels and presents the first full blown space battle between Ember's group and the dark lords of the universe.

Publish America
AKA American Star Books

Publish America's CEO has been in one lawsuit after another and finally they changed the name to America Star Books.  Same old outfit, same ol sociopath CEO, new name.  They still refuse to lower the price of our first Megan Martin book from $26.  All of our pleading and reasoning has not changed their minds at all.  They would rather make nothing at all than admit they've been wrong all these years.  They blame it on the book itself.  They do this to all their authors.  No one can read it so how would anyone know if they liked it.  All we can do now is wait another year and they will have to give us our rights back according to the contract.

They offer "special" deals every day trying to get their authors to pay for something they won't ever get.  It's all a scam business.  This is what the lawsuits are about.

The moment our contract is done with them the first Megan Martin novel will be published through Amulet Publishing just like the Ember Reign novels are now only the price will be dramatically reduced.

Thank you.

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